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11 maruti darshan

11 Maruti Darshan

Samarth Ramdas established 11 Maruti or Dev Hanuman Temples in the 17th Century.

ashtavinayak darshan


Ashtavinayak Yatra Yatra shows the pilgrimage to eight Hindu temples of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

ganpatipule temple


Ganpatipule is a small town located in the Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra

kaas plateau satara

Kaas Plateau

Kas Plateau, which is known as Kas Kasar or Kass member, is a plateau 25 kms away from Satara city of Maharashtra.

kokan darshan

Kokan Darshan

Well organized tour. Excellent accommodation: All the dining rooms are nice and close to the beach with Coconut Parietan.

mahabaleshwar darshan


Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in the queue of the Wild Western Ghats in South India, Mumbai.

11 Maruti Darshan

11 Maruti or shri Hanuman temples were constructed by Samarth Ramdas in state of Maharashtra. The objective behind establishing these temples was to create awareness of fitness among the youth of Maharashtra during Maratha empire.

All the idols are originals from the 17th century whereas the temples have been reconstructed. Unfortunately some access is not easy and some even seem derelict. This important work of Swami Ramdas needs attention from the administrators. The site can be visited from Pune/Mumbai in 2 days or in one day from Sangli, Satara, Kolhapur.


Ashtavinayak means "eight Ganeshas" in Sanskrit. Ganesh is the Hinduism/Hindu deity of unity, prosperity & learning and removes obstacles. The term refers to eight Ganeshas. Ashtavinayakayatra trip refers to a pilgrimage to the eight Hindu temples in Maharashtra state of India that house eight distinct idols of Ganesh, in a pre-ascertained sequence. The Ashtavinayakyatra is about the eight ancient holy temples of Ganesh which are situated around Pune district . Each of these temples has its own individual construction and history, as distinct from each other as the idols in each temple. The form of each idol of Ganesh and His trunk are different from one another.

However, there are other temples of eight Ganesh in various other parts of Maharashtra; the ones around Pune are more well known than the former.It is believed that AshtavinayakYatra is completed by visit the first Ganpati after visiting all the eight Ganpatis again, to complete the yatra.


Tuljapur is a city in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. It is believed that there is a famous TuljaBhavani temple and it is believed to be one of the three and a half feet of goddess in Maharashtra. This goddess has a special significance in the Hindu devotees of Maharashtra and there is a big festival and a devotee of devotees at Navaratr. Devotees of Bhavani Mother celebrate the flame of Goddess from all over the country.


Sindhudurg is known for its fort or historical fort that is located in the Arabian Sea, just at the coast of sea Maharashtra in Western India. The fort was made by ShivajiMaharaj in 1600 century . The fort is located to the shore of Malvan town of Sindhudurg .It is a monument protected by Government.
the sea fort is spread over 48 acres, with a two-mile long rampart, and walls that are 30m high and thick. The massive walls were designed to protect enemis which come across sea way. The main entrance is constructed in such a way that no one can attack or enter it from outside.


Shirdi the most famous place in world wide . For its devoters as well as pilgrisms. Its most busy place throughout the year . Especcialllythursday gurupornima, full moon day, 2-3 hours have to wait in que for darshan of Sai baba. There are other places to visit in Shirdi .
A full day trip is required for visiting ShirdiThe temple has an assembly hall about 600 devotees at a single time . The first floor of the temple has the pictures depicting the life of the saint Shri Sai baba. The daily routine of the temple starts at 4 AM a MORNING AARTI till 11 PM again with aarti. In a year Only on three occasions the temple is kept open overnight i.e. on Gurupoornima, Dassera, and SriramaNavmi. Every Thursday and on every festival, a Palakhi with Baba’s photo is taken out to the streets of Shirdi as a festive ritual for devoters to have a darshan.


Sajjangad is located in Satara district. It is loacted near koyna dam plan.  Its is about 700 to 800m above sea level. It is popular among Devoters .
It is possible to reach the top of the fort by transportz. From bottom to reach at top one has to climb around a hundred steps to reach the gate of the fort. It is exactly 18 km from Satara city. You can hire cabs or bus from a famous area of sataraRajwada.


The most spectacular Pandurangan Temple called VittalRukmani Devi mandhir is an extravaganza and has traditional values.People at the terminal have a play area where people enjoy themselves with a traditional dance like " RingaRinga Roses" reminds us these dances were conceived in primitive days also. One should participate and enjoy It is interesting to watch even old people take part in dances in pairs revolving holding their hands and tilting position to facilitate spinning Vittal temple is the main centre of worship for Vittal, believed to be a form of Bhagawan Krishna or Vishnu and his consort Rakhumai. It is the most visited temple in Maharashtra

Mumbai Airport

In mumbai there are two airports . One is international and other is domestic airport. ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj International Airport, Mumbai, it is also known as Sahar International Airport, India.It has also won the "Best Airport in India and Central Asia"  It is 1 third of other airports.

Pune Airport

Pune Airport is domestic Airport . It is about 10 km away from Pune stations. It conceeds national as well as international flights nearly Western Asia. Its in indianAirforce station limits. New international Airport construction plan is going on.


Its is located in Satara district . IT is type of hill station.near by 2-3 days are required to properly visit mahableshwar. There are many points such as ortho point, sun set., sun rise, table point, etc . MINI MARKET IS also there. GOOD roads are there. Mostly tousrits are attracted in monsoon as well as Winter season. Strawberrys are mostly famous fruit there. Mapro garden is also there.


There are many place to visit in kholapur not only temples but museums , lakes, fort, wildlife sanctuary.
1.Mahalaxmi Temple   2.Kaneri Math
3.Panhala Fort   4.Narsinhwadi DattaMandir
5.Jyotiba Temple   6.MUSEUMS Siddhagiri Museum   7.Rankala Lake
8.Kopeshwar Temple   9.Maharaja's Palace    10.Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary


Lonavala or Lonavala (Marathi: Lonavla) is a hill station and city council located in the Pune district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located between the two major cities of Pune and Mumbai, 64 km from Pune and 96 km from Mumbai. Lonavla is famous for its famous sweet Chikki throughout India. It is also a major station located on the railroad between Pune and Mumbai. It also falls on both major roads between Mumbai and Pune, Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Mumbai-Pune highway.

Konkan Darshan

This all places are nearly visited in Konkan darshan trip.
Diveagar Ganpatipule Alibaug Dapoli
Tarkarli, Sindhudurg, Vijaydurg places come under Konkan with , most beautiful beaches & forts along the konkan coast. It is an idyllic weekend gateway that attracts peace seekers, beach lovers, scuba diving, historical forts and pilgrims. Tarkarli: Tarkarli is famous for attractive beaches and water sports like Scuba diving, Paragliding, snorkeling etc.


Ganapatipule is a small town located near about 45km from Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. The town of Chiplun is upside to the Ganpatipule. According to local tribe the Hindu god – Ganapati is Savyambu idol which about 400 years old. This deity faces the West, so as to guard the western gates, unlike deities in other Indian temples who face the east. The temple is at the bottom of a hill, and devoters walk around the hill to take Pradakshina as a mark of respect.

Bamnoli lake

Bamnoli village is the scenic village near Satara which is situated on the bank of Bamnoli Lake formed by Konya dam. Boating is the main attraction or activity of Bamnoli village, local people provided boating for tourists to visit Tapola (Mini Kashmir), and other places vasto fort
Bamnoli Boat club There are multiple boating options to choose from and one can either go for a short ride around lake


Kaas plateau is located near Satara. It is situated at heighted plateaus and during spring season grasslands turns into a 'valley of flowers' particularly from August to early October. Kaas Plateau has more than 150 types of flowers, small shrubs and grasses. The blooming can be seen for a period of 3–4 weeks during this season. There is lake is on the south of the Kaas Plateau and is surrounded which is dense forest. It is between Sajjangad fort and the Kanher dam. Vajrai Waterfall is also near from Kaas plateau which Indias largest waterfall.