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Satara To 11 Maruti Darshan Cab

Satara To 11 Maruti Darshan Cab Tour Package Services

11 Maruti temples There are 11 Hanuman temples in Maharashtra established by Saint Samarth Ramdas in the 17th century.

1.Shahapur, near Karad
2.Masur near Karad
3.Chaphal Vir Maruti Temple, near Satara
4.Chaphal Das Maruti Temple, near Satara
5.Shinganwadi, near Satara
6.Umbraj near Masur
7.Majgaon, near Satara
8.Bahe, near Sangli
9.Manapadale, near Kolhapur
10.Pargaon, near Panhala

Satara To 11 Maruti Darshan Cabs Round Trip Package


11 maruti Darshan


11 Maruti Temples are a set of 11 Lord Hanuman temples in Maharashtra which were established in

17th Century by Saint Samarth Ramdas. These temples are located around Satara, Karad,

Kalhapur area and are visited as part of a Circuit. List of Temples are as under

1.Shahapur, near Karad (Dated 1644)

2.Masur near Karad (Dated 1645)

3.Chaphal Vir Maruti Temple, near Satara (Dated 1648)

4.Chaphal Das Maruti Temple, near Satara (Dated 1648)

5.Shinganwadi, near Satara (Dated 1649)

6.Umbraj near Masur (Dated 1649)

7.Majgaon, near Satara (Dated 1649)

8.Bahe, near Sangli (Dated 1651)

9.Manapadale, near Kolhapur (Dated 1651)

10.Pargaon, near Panhala (Dated 1651)

11.Shirala (Dated 1654)

1.Shahpaur Maruti Mandhir

Shahapur's Maruti is located 15 km away on Karad-Masur road and three kilometers from Masur. At the distance is Shahapur village's gutter.Here is the Maruti temple right from the road just a kilometer away from the road. It is thought that Maruti was first installed in the 11 Maruti capable of supporting it. In 1645, the Maruti was founded by a supporter. This Maruti is also called 'Chunja Maruti'. On one side of the village there is a temple of Maruti on the bank of the river. The temple and the idol of Maruti are facing east. The idol of this Maruti idol, which is approximately seven feet tall, looks a little rough. The idol of the statue is a hat of hat. Here it seems that the small brass festival festival is placed next to the idol. Another important significance of Shahapur is that the island of Shahapur is bounded by two kilometers away. Here are two big stones. Samartha used to be on the hill near this pond

2. Masur Maruti

 Supporting Maruti has been established at Masur, which is about ten km from Umbraj. Masur is a story related to this village. And that story is related to Kalyanswami's straps of this ability. In support of the achievement of this disciple of Kalyan, Masur was in the festival here and later he became a very dear disciple of Samarth. The idol of Maruti with a five foot height, made of choice, oriented face, should be called jewelery in all 11 maruti. Shaka 1568 i.e. In 1646, it was founded by the supporters. There is a mace of Hanumantan with a very mild and delicate pose, and the necklace, ganwee, chest of the room are all stacked. The fingers and fingers of the lanyard are beautifully painted. Under the feet, a gambler named Jambumali appears to be held by pressing. Shivram is on one side of the idol and on the other hand there is a portrait ofSamarth. It appears that the wall of the house is painted on a wall of a house. The temple chamber is 13 feet in length. Six stone pillars are held by the roof of the temple. There is a monastery of Narayana Maharaj in front of the temple. Sajjangad has been managing this temple.

3. Chaphal VIR Maruti

On the Satara-Karad road, there is a crossing of the village of Umbraj in Chiplun. Turns right here and goes a step again and again. There is a chaff in 11 km on the ground floor of Umbraj. In 1648, the installation of Ramamurti, discovered in Angpur's Dana, was built by constructing a beautiful temple at Chaphal. In front of this Rammandira, Das Maruti, and behind the temple, Pratap Maruti was established in support of this in 1649. The Maruti idol is six feet tall with her hand in front of Lord Ramchandra. Itseems as if the face of this Maruti seems to be stable at the feet of the Lord. The Koyna earthquake in 1967 caused damage to Ramamandira. But it is said that there is no harm to the Maruti temple.

4. Chaphal Das Maruti

 About 100 meters of Chafal Shriram temple should be running. The temple of Maruti built by Ramdas Swami is still there. The idol of Maruti in the temple is similar to that described by Ramdas in his psalm. Turtle to pearl methi, gold plates in the room, bells are booming, nets, slimy, like a fire from the eyes, are in the rudder. The idol is slender and under the feet is a monster. We can see the beautiful idols of different types of Chapala in Chafl. Chafal is the main center of Samartha sect, and perhaps it seems that two warriors were established here by the supporters.

5. Shinganwadi Maruti

 This is also known as Khadi Maruti, Balarumati and Chafal's third Maruti. One kilometer from Chafal At the distance is Shingnwadi hill. There is a Ramghal with a place to meditate on the near and capable of competence. In 1650, an idol of Maruti idol was established by the supporters of the smallest subah. Just like the flag of Hanumanta's face facing north of four feet high, there is a flag in the left hand. The right hand is in a slip-toped position. This temple, which is six feet in width, is the smallest temple in 11 Maruti. This temple is not a hall, but there are only dense trees around it. The west side of the hill has a lane, its stalk is also thick in the trees. As the summit of this temple on the high side is painted in red color, it is visible from afar. Before Chafal, Samartha's monastery was located at Shingnawadi. If there is any story related to a place, then the importance of that place is still increasing. Its attraction is created. Something similar is also about Shingnawadi. It is said that there is a meeting with Shivrai and Samartha under the tamarind trees here. Similarly, to support the thirst of Shiva, the supporters turned a stone over their hips and flowed under it, hence this place has been called 'Kubadithirtha'.

6.UMBRAJ Maruti

 Seeing Chafal and Marjavana Maruti, we come here again in Umbridge. Here are three Maruti near here. One of them is Maruti of Umbraj Math. Here are some stories related to Marutimandirashi and Umbrajshi. You have gone to any pilgrimage to which the story is connected. Because of that story, it can also be pigmented. He went there and recalled that particular story that brings a different happiness. Every day, he used to come to the cottage. Once Melo Melo shouted loudly as soon as they started drowning in the river. It is said that Hanumanta himself took them out of there. There was also an impression of his foot on the rock. Now the stone has just disappeared. Here is a legend.

7. Majgaon Maruti

 This Maruti facility is just three kilometers from Chafal. Supporting Maratha in the form of a guardian stone, a supportive Maruti has been made.There was a horse-shaped stone on the gate of Majagaon. In 1650, the statue of Maruti was recited on the same stone. The idol of Maruti stands at five feet high towards the Ram temple in Chafal on the west side. The original temple of approximately 100 Ft. Length-width, Kolaru, Mudi-Vit is now restored after its restoration. It is a form of land tiles, a flag near the temple, a beautiful door, coloring. The picture of Hanumanta, carrying a temple on the wall of Dronagiri, is on the wall. This temple is managed by Chhatal's Shri Ram Devasthan. Currently, a school fills in this temple.

8.Bahe Maruti

 The village of Bahe or Bahe is located in the warehouse of Sangli district. About 12 km from Peth on Karad-Kolhapur road This place is above. Dueto neighboring Borgaon, it is referred to as Bhee- Borgaon. A legend famous in this place is associated with Ramayana. Lord Ramchandra stopped at Borga along the banks of river Krishna while returning to Ayodhya after stopping Ravana from Ayodhya. While going to Lord Ram Chandra Bathroom in the Krishna Desert, Krishna got upset by the river, and he suddenly got flooded. Marutiraya sat in the middle of the river and sat on the two sides of the river holding a flow of two arms, so that a island was created. Hanumantan is considered to have been divided into two streams by the name of the river, hence the name of this place is named as Bahe / Bahe / Bahaakshtra.

9.Manpadle Maruti

 Both Manpadale and Pargaon are in the area of Panhalgad-Jyotiba in Kolhapur district. Panhalgad was like the door of the Deccan. Panhala was a very prominent place in Shiva times to keep an eye on Bijapur's Adilshahi. Considering the political importance of this area, it is possible that this supporter should have created two tracts here. Kolhapur to Wadgaon Vathar is a distance of 22 Kms. Is there. On the other side, from Wadgaon Wathar, the distance between Manpadale and Ambapar is 14 km. Is there. 11 Maruti, the southernmost of the Maruti, was establishedin 1577/1752. The idol of Lord Maruti and the temple are both north-facing with an approximate height of five feet high. The idol of a half foot height is placed near the idol. There is a beautiful Kollaroo temple near the ruins of nearby trees. The new building, which has a seven feet and square tower, is a good place to be built. There is a village named Padli near Manpadele village in the valley of Varanasi. There is also a Maruti idol here. Manpadale village is located on the foothills of Jyotibah at about 20 km from Kolhapur. Near here, there is another capable Maruti at Paragaa, which is seven km away.

10. Pargaon Maruti

 Pargaon Maruti is known as Balmurti or Maruti in the belt of Samartha. There is a Vathar village on the Karad-Kolhapur road. There is a new passage on the road leading to the Varna Sugar Factory. It has an old passage on its north. This old temple is a Maruti temple. Saka 1574 is c. Established in 1653, this Maruti is one of the 11 most enduring maruti and has the smallest idol. The idol here is about one and a half feet high on a flat stone. There is no scalpel on it. The Maruti Kesachi Shendi seems to be built. This idol is carved in the shape of Maruti Raya as she ran to the left. The original house of eight feet long-width. In 1972, there was a 40-feet-long and 16-feet-wide assembly hall. The distance between Manpadale and Pargaon is only 5 kms. But not a straight road. You have to come here with a turn. Apart from this eleven Maruti, the supporters of Godavari Kathi Takli have established Gomaya Maruti here. Maruti has also been established in Badrinath, which is famous in Sajjangad, Shivtarghal, Miraj, Mahabaleshwar, Y, Tembh, Shirgaon, Sinhagarh, Tanjawar and even the famous Himalayas.

11.Shirela maruti

 This Shirela village, famous for the Nagas of Sangli district It is also famous for being a well-established Maruti. S.T. This temple is near the stand. This Maruti temple is a very magnificent idol. Shake 1576 is c. In 1655, the supporters established Maruti. Hanumanta's idol made by the choice of seven feet height is north-facing. The temple is also on the north side. There are bells in the box. The coffin and the cloth are also very beautiful. The left-right wing of the idol's head is placed. Sunrise and sunset fall in the face of the idol. There is another door south of the temple.

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