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Satara To Sajjangad Cab

Satara To Sajjangad Cab Tour Package Services

Satara To Chalkewadi Windmill Farms Cab Tour Package Services

1 Sajjangad

 Sajjangad is one of the oldest fort in Maharashtra which is located near to satara ,as the name indicates the meaning of this fort.sajjan means good people and sajjangad means fort of good and well nature people.It is the place where sant ramdas lived in 17th century.He have written the book named as ‘Dasbodh’.In today's life numerous people follows his teachings For a period of time This fort was known by the name of Asvalayana Rishi,because he spent here many years in ancient times.There were lots of bears wandering there,In marathi bear is known as ‘ Aswal” so this fort were also called as Aswalya Gad.This fort was built by Bahamanis in 1347-1527 ,after period of time this fort came under the rule of king Shivaji after defeating Adilshah on 2 April 1663.Ramdas swami is from one of the gurus of Shivaji Maharaj. On present day there is Samadhi of Ramdas Swami which is taken care by ramdas swami trust.The daily routine of trust includes routine prayers ,Mahaprasad ,holy songs called’ Bhajans’ and reading of Dasbodh which is written By Ramdas Swami .Fort is open on every day from 5 am to 9 pm.In afternoon at 12 pm trust people serves food called ‘Mahaprasad’ to people present on fort for free of cost. One can reach at the top of the fort by its own vehicle or by state transport vehicle.There are near about 100 steps to climb.Auto Rickshaw is also easily available from satara city.There is

2 Thoseghar waterfalls


Thoseghar waterfalls is one of the beautiful and tallest waterfall amongst Maharashtra. It is located near the village named as Thoseghar,so the waterfall is also known as a Thoseghar waterfall.The waterfall is almost 20 km from Satara city,The best season to visit Thoseghar waterfall is rainy season as there is heavy rainfall during that season.Waterfall is approx 500 m in height.People come from all over Maharashtra to visit this place in between july and november.Due to rainy season waterfalls have plenty of water and the scene is more spectacular.The area next to fall is very calm. There is a well constructed platform from which we can enjoy pleasant view of the waterfall,this platform directly enters in the valley but it is not safe to do so in heavy monsoon season.we can see lot of birds near the waterfall specially in a rainy and monsoon season. One can reach Thoseghar waterfalls using public transport or by self vehicle or by satara car rental.Satara car rental provides service in very affordable rates.There are daily routine bus from Pune to Satara for evry half an hour.It takes maximum two hours from Pune to reach Satara,and from satara it requires almost 30 minutes to reach Thoseghar waterfall.

3 Chalkewadi Windmills

 Chalkewadi windmills are at a distance of 29 km from Satara and near about 6 km from Thoseghar waterfall.It is located in Chalkewadi in satara district of Maharashtra,this farm is one of the largest windmill farm amongst all over Asia.It is one of the famous location from Satara tourist places.It is also popular attraction amongst tourist as like Sajjangad and Thoseghar. Chalkewadi windmills project situated in Satara was flourished with the aim of generating clean energy,ati this place there are near about hundreds of windmills constructed on to the correspondent hills.The windmills are spread over a 5 km plateau and it supplies electricity to Satara and nearby places like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.Chalkewadi is advanced as a tourist attraction since hills and windmills offers amazing view.Thoseghar waterfall is visible from Chalkewadi. The green hills,valleys and the red soils and the rotating windmills creates a overwhelming sight.This place can be reached by a private vehicle ,state bus service is not available for this route.There is a facility by Satara car rentals to reach this place in very affordable cost. This is one of the place which must be visit in rainy and monsoon seasons.The weather in this season makes it more beautiful as usual,there is one pond as well near to this farm.overall the tour for this site can give you memorable experien

Satara To Sajjangad Cab Tour Package

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  • Satara To Sajjangad Thoseghar Waterfall Chalkewadi Windmill Farms Cab Tour Package
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Swift/Itos/Indica Non AC Car

  • Satara To Sajjangad Thoseghar Waterfall Chalkewadi Windmill Farms Cab Tour Package
  • 1 Days Cab Package
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