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Satara To Astvinayak Darshan Cab

Satara To Ashtavinayak Ganpati Cab Tour Package Services

The Ashtavinayak Temple mentions eight stones of Lord Ganesha located in Maharashtra state.


Satara To Ashtavinayak Ganpati Cabs Round Trip Package

Darshan of Ashtavinayak should have a perfect plan. Starting from -

Mayureshwar of Moregaon ,Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek ,Ballaleshwar of Pali,Varadavinayak of Mahad

Chintamani Temple, Theur ,Girijadmaj of Lenyandri ,Vighneshwar of Ozar ,Mahaganapati of Ranjangaon

This is the best way for planing Ashtvinayak darshan It almost takes 2 day for this trip.

There are no ques and crowd is also not that much 30 mins is max time you will require to have a well darshan

We celebrates the festival of Ganeshotsav every year.Some people visit Ashtavinayaka in this period.This tour includes ancient temples of god Ganesha which are situated in different districts.There is a sequence to visit these places.These temples are Swayambhu and it has a special significance.Let us see the view of ‘Ashtavinayak Temples’.

1.Moreshwar Temple Morgaon

First temple to visit it is 55km apprix away from Pune It has a unique built or construction Ganesh idol is siting on a peacock or "Mor" As that reason this place is know as "Mayureshwar" Another uniqueness of temple is Nandi idol on entrace of temple .usually we see near shiva temples . But there we can see that thing. A tall 50m walls are built around this temple for protection.

Journey of Ashtavinayaka starts from the Moreshwar temple and it is very significant place on the Ashtavinayaka route .The temple belongs to 55 km from Pune in the village Morgaon.The structure of temple is very individual.It contains four columns around the temple and the temple is upto 50 feet tall. According to ‘Shastra’ Ganpati murti was hallowed by Lord Brahma after destroyed by Monsters.The real murti was small by dimensions and made by sand, iron and diamonds.

2.Siddhivinayak temple

Shri Siddhivanayak temple, in Siddhitek, on a small Hill side town. This temple is most well-known and well-publicised temple of the Ashtavinayak as it is often mentioned in columns The “garba griha” in this temple has architecture of 15 feet high and10 feet wide. It is believed to have been constructed by Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore. The Sidhivinayak temple has idols of Riddhi and Siddhi wifes of ganpati . These two idols rest on the thigh of Lord Ganesha. For making one “pradakshina” or one circumambulation of the idol, one has to actually go around the hill on which temple is built. It takes about half an hour to forty-five minutes max. The pradakshina Route has stone. Devotees, believers and followers from across the world come to this temple to do the pradakshina in the hope that Lord Ganesha will be pleased with their toil and fulfill their wishes. This temple is located on the Pune-Solapur highway, 48 km from Srigonda. It is near by from the Daund railway station.

SiddhatekThis temple is situated on the Pune- Solapur highway in Shrigonda town.The only temple situated in Ahmednagar district is known for the the rare murti of lord ganesha.The murti is 3 feet tall and don't have a wide stomach.Murti has a trunk at right side.To make one round to temple it takes 30 minutes.

3.Ballaleshwar Temple

Ballaleshwar temple is third of the eight temples of Lord Ganesha. Among of all Gamesh temples, Ballaleshwar is the only one among of Ganpatis that is known by his devotee's name.Pali is 58km away from karjat in Ratnagiri District. It is located in between Sarasgad and the river Amba The east-facing temple was carefully built by so that, as the sun rises, sun rays fall directly on the idol during worship. The temple has a Bell or Ghanta which is of British period. The temple is surrouned by two lakes . The murti has its unique ness in all of them The idol of ganpati sits on a stone throne, facing in east direction with its trunk turned left and sitting against a background of silver which displays Riddhi and Siddhi waving fans The idol eyes is made of diamonds.

PaliThe Ballaleshwar temple is popular because it is the only one temple which is known by the name of followers.The shastra tolds the boy named Ballal was beaten by crowd of village for his devotion towards lord Ganesha.Lord Ganesha saved him.Then lord Ganesha disappeared in big stone.This temple is built in such a way that morning sun rays directly falls on the Ganesh murti.

4.Varad Vinayak Temple

Mahad Ganpati Temple or Varad Vinayak, also spelt as Varadavinayaka, is one of the Ashtavinayak temples of the Hindu deity Ganesha. Location of Mahad is very easy to find out its is located in Khalapur taluka near Karjat and Khopoli of Raigad District, Maharastra, India. The Varad Vinayak Mahad Ganpati Temple is the fourth Ganesha temple to be visited during the Ashtavinayak Darshan tour. The idol at the Varad Vinayak Mahad Ganpati Temple is Swyambhu and the temple is actually recognised as a Math. The temple is very simply designed with a tiled roof, a dome 25 feet high with golden pinnacle and a golden summit (Kalas) which has a carving of a cobra . The Temple is not that much big is it small about 80sq feet. The original idol of Ganpati can be seen outside the sanctum or temple. A Gomukh (meaning face of a cow) is seen on the north side of the temple from which flows the holy water. A holy pond is situated on the west side of the temple. In temple there are other idols of a Mushika, Navagraha Devtas and Shivalinga can be seen . This temple is located in the beautiful village of Mahad which is set in the hilly region of Konkan of Maharashtra. In fact the original idol of the lord is outside the sanctum. The sanctum is made up of beautiful stones along with stones of elephant craving . Even the idols of Siddi and Riddhi are made up of stones. A very calm and peaceful temple it is.

 MahadThis temple is situated near Khopoli and near to Mumbai.There is an oil lamp burning continuously from year 1892,Design of this temple is very beautiful with four elephants on all four sides.Devotees can take darshan closer to the murti.

5.Chintamani Temple

The Chintamani Temple of Theur is a Hindu temple as well as on of the Ashtavinayak . Its is dedicated to Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of idol. Its is Located 25 km from Pune the temple is "one of the larger and more famous" of the Ashtavinayaka, the fifth revered idol of Ganesha in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Theur is located in the Haveli taluka of Pune district, near the bank of river Bhima and near by sangam of river Mula-Mutha. The hall of temple has a black stone water fountain in it. Besides the central idol of Ganesha, there are other number of smaller idol in the temple . Mahadeva (Shiva) temple, Vishnu-Lakshmi temple, Hanuman temple etc. Behind the temple is there is tourist place Peshwa Wada – the Peshwa Palace. Nice temple and built up construction it is cool place.

 TheurIn early days this temple was known as Kadamb Nagar .This temple was constructed about 100 years ago by The Peshwas.This temple is situated at Theur on Pune-Solapur highway.This idol has diamond situated in its eyes.Overall the place is very beautiful.

 6.Girijatmaj Temple

This temple located on the top of the Hill in a series of caves. The climb to the temple takes roughly about 30 minutes. Yo can find lots of monkeys on the way up, waiting to snatch whatever you eatables / water bottles you can carry with you. The ASI maintains this property and the entry ticket is priced Rs.25 for the Indian Residents. The area is well maintained and clean. The view one gets from the top is simply breathtaking Lenyadri sometimes called Ganesa Lena, Ganesh Pahar Caves, or Suleman Caves, and much more names are given It is located about 5km towards north of Junnar in Pune district. Other caves which surrounds the city of Junnar are Manmodi caves, Shivneri caves and Tulja caves. It is one of the Ashtavinayak temple a set of the eight prominent Ganesha idols in Western Maharashtra. The layout of the caves, in general, are similar to caves.

 LenyadriThis temple is situated in Narayangaon on Pune - Nashik highway.This temple is located in 18 caves of Buddhist origin.same temple is situated in 8th cave and it is very beautiful.It is constructed in a single stone.It is up to 53 feet long and 7 feet in height,The source of light is direct from sun,sun rays enters easily

7.Vighnahar Temple

The Vigneshwara Temple or Vighnahar Ganapati Temple of Ozar the elephant-headed god of wisdom. The temple is one of the Ashtavinayaka, the eight idol of Ganesha in Maharashtra, India. The Ganesha idol here is worshipped for Vigneshwara or Vigneshwar. Ozar is located about 85 km from Pune, on the way of Pune-Nashik highway and about 9 km to Narayangaon. Along another Ozar is situated on the banks of Kukadi River close where Dam is built. The east-facing temple features a spacious courtyard or hall , a grand entrance, sculptural . One can view the ozar site from and Shivneri Fort standing on the wall. Two large stone Deepamalas (lamp towers).The central one has a lintel with a Ganesha in relief surrounded with monkeys and parrots on
trees. The temple has two halls, first one having the entrances both the north and south direction too . Like all Ashtavinayaka temples , the central Ganesha idol is believed to be svayambhu naturally occurring in the form of an elephant stone. The central icon of Ganesha idol faces east and it is seen idols of Siddhi and Riddhi. GANESH IDOL has a left-turning trunk and is covered with sindoor His eyes are small and cornering site and his forehead and navel is covered with diamonds.

Ozar As per shastra this temple tolds that Lord Ganesha defeated a monster named as Vighnasur.Vighnasur said for mercy and Ganesha said he would not be able to go anywhere the worship of Ganesha is going on.So vighnasur demands for his name to be taken before Ganesha's name,thus the place is named as Vighneshwar.This temple is situated at Ozar on Pune-Nashik highway.

 8.Mahaganapati Temple

Ranjangaon is located near pune only it is about 48km away from pune to near by Shirur village. It is on the way of Pune Nagar highway. Ranjangaon Ganpati is one among the Ashtavinayak, eight idol of Ganpati. This temple's and Ganpati idol was inaugurated and donated by the "Khollam" family, this goldsmith family based in Ranjangaon only. The main temple looks like it was built in the Peshwa period as of its built up construction. Nagarkhana is situated above the entrance gate. The temple facing in the east direction has huge and beautiful entrance gate.The idol of these lord Ganesh is also named as 'Mahaganpati' as the idol has 10 trunks and 20 hands.

 RanjangaonAs per shastra this temple is built by Lord Shiva.Temple architecture matches to 9-10th century,It seems like seating on a lotus.The real idle of Mahaganapati is hidden in a vault.The temple is located at 50 km from Pune.

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