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Belgaum fort

In the middle of the busy city of Belgaum, this fort area looks different. Controlled by military. Having historical and religious places. Interesting. This fort has long history since it's construction of 1204 AD. Greatness of the fort is it has all relegions temples and masjids inside the fort. At the entrance Ganapathi shrine and godess Durga Shrine is located. There are two Jain temples inside fort out of which Kamal Basti Jain temple is famous. Besides Kamal Basti there is Ramakrishna mission campus, which so beautiful in maintenance and architecture. I admired with that atmosphere. Inside the fort there are two masjids one is Safa Masjid and another one is Jamia Masjid. During freedom fighting Mahatma Gandi was kept in jail inside this fort. Worth to spend two to three hours.

Places To Visit In Belgaum

Gokak falls 

The Gokak Falls is located in Gokak taluka of Belgaum district. It is said to be as the mini version of the Niagara Falls, this waterfalls, falls from a height of 171 feet through a sandstone cliff. The waterfall is formed by River Ghataprabha and has a u-shaped edge. There is an old temple which deplicts the Chalukyan style of architecture, dedicated to Lord Mahalingeshwara just near the waterfalls. Right across the river is a hanging bridge which is used a crossing the river . It is at a height of 201mts and offers an outstanding view of the waterfalls. At one time, only 30 people are allowed on this bridge. The waterfall is located 6kms away from Gokak town and 65kms from Belgaum city. Distance from the airport is abiut 52 km from Belgaum Airport Best time to visit this falls is July to October which means rainy season It is open from 7am -5pm Entry fee is 10rs/-

Shri Ramakrsihna Mission Ashram

A huge complex having a small exhibition room, book stall and a huge meditation hall. Located close to the famous Jain temple within the Belagavi fort precincts. The bookshop has a great collection of books of Swami Vivekananda and his teaching along with interesting curios like key rings, pendants, night lamp etc Pls note that the main temple closes at 8pm. The place vibrations are so positive that we feel like staying for ours. Swami viveknanda stayed here that makes the place more historical and must go.

Military Mahadeva Temple

There are not many attractions in belgaum so you will have to spend your time at the limited options at disposal. Military Mahadev is very famous in local people and is really a very peaceful place to spend your time. The temple is located in the Cantonment. Adequate parking and clean premises. A small children's park is also present. The main complex houses a statue and a shivling of Lord Shiva. Few birds are also kept in cages to increase interest of children. A modern age structure and not a heritage site

Rajhunsgad yellur fort

Rajhunsgad is surrounded by greenery of farms all around and fields with rice as a major crop. Yellurgad located within the city belgaum , Belagavi Taluka, on hilltop with a breathtaking view.It is situated nearly 2,500 ft above sea level. According to sources, this Fort dates back to history many centuries ago among different kingdom and its rulers including the Yadavas, Hoysalas, Bahamani, Adilshahi, Peshwas-Marathas. The fort on top of hill is visible from almost all areas of Belagavi. It is also believed that there existed a secret tunnel from the Belagavi fort upto Rajhunsgad during the ancient period. In this fort, a beautiful Temple of ‘Lord Shiva’ is situated where most of the people staying in and around the villages of this fort visit and pray every Monday. There is Well of sweet water on top of this hill. It is infact an admirable archeology of the past architects and rulers. An awesome view of Belgaum City can be had from this fort. One can reach Rajhunsgad village on the foot of this hill via- Desur village or from Yellur & Sulga and then climb the fort on kutcha road. Experienced riders can reach upto the entrance of the fort on top on Motorcycles but this path (kutcha road) is too steep for motorcycles. However, this is an excellent place for Trekking.

Kamala basti

Kamala Basti is a jain temple located in the walls of Belgaum fort. The front verandah of the temple is given a shape of lotus flower and over that many jain idols have been carved. Kamala Basti in one of the oldest heritage and people must visit this place to know our ancient history.This is an oldest temple in Belgaum which was constructed in 10th century. Presently this is protected and maintained by the archeological department of India. This is very close to the bus stand and in the fort of the Belgaum. The Basti is named Kamala as the gumbaz of the Basti is made of 72 petals of the lotus. The idol of the Lord Neminath is unique and picturesque. The pillars of this Basti are also nicely carved and the temple complex has small but properly maintained garden. This Basti is that way aloof from the crowd and hence one can enjoy the serene atmosphere.

kittur fort and palace

The place is around 60 kms from Hubli and the nearest airport is Belgavi airport The place has a great history but the place was taken to the archeological dept so late that almost everything was taken away by the locals and some organizations. Kittur, also known as Kitturu and historically as Kittoor, is a taluka in the Belgaum district of the South Indian state of Karnataka. Kittur fort located in the Karnataka . it is the former capital of archaeological site. It was held by the Desai marathas of Kittur, as well as Rani Chennamma, a lingayat woman warrior of Karnataka who fought against the British in 1824. Kittu. The place has a Nathapanthi matha in police line area, and small temples of Maruti, Kalmeshwara, Dyamavva and Basavanna are located. . There is a museum which has the leftovers of the cracked doors stones inscriptions and many more

Shri mauli devi temple

It is temple of maa Durga. As the devi is well believed to be all mighty in the region so people have strong belief here and can be seen easily here. This temple is beautiful and main attraction is its architecture which is a combination of North and East architecture. kankumbi village is on the border of Goa and Karantaka this place is on the top of chorala ghat and is the shortest road between Belgum and Goa Located in dense forest and rich in natural beauty. has a wonderful rental hotel named as delta forest lodge. is at the junction of thw streams and it jumps down in Goa a few hundred feets away from the the lodge land known asas surla waterfall mata mauli is a century old temple in Goan style and a very good well neargy worth to be seen another 5 km away villaage chingli is good for valley view.the "Rajanigandha'' forest resort is just few km away in goan side.

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