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Our cab service is provided from Satara as well as mayani . We give a good hospality to our coustomers .
We are having all types of commercial cabs. On daily as well as package base.Koyna Sanctuary is a sanctuary in Maharashtra and is in Satara district. The highest density forests of western Maharashtra include the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is spread on the banks of Shivsagar water reservoir behind the Koyna dam wall. In history, this forest is famous as the Jawali Ridge.

The total area of ​​the sanctuary is 426 sq. Km and it got the status of the sanctuary in 1985.The state government is making efforts to get the tiger reserve's status as well. As mentioned above, this Sanctuary is spread over the coast of the Koyna reservoir. This junction is located on the banks of Rivera from Mahabaleshwar to Koyna Nagar to 60-70 km. The three main divisions of the sanctuary, namely, Maharakhore, Vasota and Mate Indivali These include the forests of Indavali, Kusavali, Sindhi, Balavan, Morvi, Mhalung, Waghavale, Kusapur, Pamola, and Kandakki basin.

The sanctuary of Shivsagar Lake is well-received by this sanctuary. The forest in large part of the dam is under water.
The forest is included in the humid toxic evergreen forests. In Maharashtra, such a jungle is located elsewhere in Mahabaleshwar. Deforestation is visible in Koyna jungle in Maharashtra due to lack of deforestation. Under the huge tree, under medium-sized plants (like, bribe), under the plant like grass like grass and the grass in the grass, 4-plant plants in the same place have densened the forest here. Also, various types of small, large, and unhygienic vines also have an inch an inch in it. There are plants found in Anjani, Jambhul, Haida, Arawa, Ain, Mango, Bhoma, Kataka, Umar, Jambha, BibbaShikayakei, Garambi, Karvande, Ranmiri, Toran, Dhaati, Kavilimb, Murudsheng.

There are many historic forts in the park and many of the amateur trekkers visit the forest to experience the trekking as well as to explore the forest. Some trekkers are just trekking in search of a portion of the reservoir of wildlife in search of wildlife. Forts to be built in the sanctuary:
Wild Jaigadh
Bhairavgarh .
Trekkers for information on receipt of admission fee for tourists visiting the park by the tourists coming for trekking. To get used to the park, the boats have to be used (boat charges generally Rs 400). If you want to stay in the park, then you need to pay the tent fee.
The best time to trek in the park is from October to February.

Satara To Mayani Bird Sanctuary Cab Tour Package

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  • Satara To Mayani Cab Tour Package
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